Track Amazon prices with just one click

You will get historic prices of prices and we will notify you with the best deals. For free!

How it works?

Our tool for tracking Amazon prices is very simple. With only 3 clicks you will start tracking the price of the product you want and our robots will notify you when it gets cheaper


Search the product you want to buy on Amazon

Go to the Amazon product page and copy the link


Activate the price tracker Locotracky

Come back to Locotracky and paste the copied link on our search bar to get the historic prices of that product


Set alerts for receiving notifications when prices are lower

As soon as the price you are tracking is lower, you will get a notification via Email, Telegram, Twitter or Whatsapp so you can be the first one and save money

We send you price notifications based on your preferences

We monitor price changes 24/7 so you are notified as soon as the price is lower. Just choose your favorite app to receive the notification and start buying smarter with a couple of clicks