LocoTracky plugin for Wordpress
We have developed a plugin so you can show statistics and price histories of Amazon products to your visitors in your website. With our plugin you can write a review of one product and show it along with the price range on the lower part, providing your visitors with useful information!
The plugin is still in development
You must know that we are still developing the website where we show all this information and the Wordpress plugin so you are still in the beta phase. The plugin is 100% safe but nonetheless it can be slow in a few cases when showing the information or present some CSS problems when the graph is displayed. Don't hesitate to contact us if you find any issues on wordpress (at) locotracky.com
Where can I get the plugin?
You can download it from the next link . You just need to unzip files on yourwordpress/ wp-content/ plugins/ history_price_tracker
How do I use the plugin?
Once the plugin is installed on your website, the following shortcode will be activated: [price_history sku=""]. You can put this shortcode on any places on your website (especially posts and pages). You need to fill the space between quotation marks with the SKU identification number from Amazon. You can find the SKU number on any products, for instance if you want to find information on thee Amazon Echo Dot, we would look for the product on Amazon, and then we would look at the URL where we would see something like this:
  • https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07PHPXHQS/
The text in bold is the SKU number that you must place on the shortcode: B07PHPXHQS. In this case, if we want to show the price history on our website we need to place the following shortcode:
  • [price_history sku="B07PHPXHQS"]
We will see the following frame on our website automatically:
Image of  amazon echo dot
Is this plugin free?
It is completely free at the moment and we are not thinking of monetizing it in the future. However, we hugely appreciate if you keep the option of showing a link to our website just under the historic price chart (the plugin does it automatically).
Terms and conditions
Since the moment you decide to use our plugin you accept the terms and conditions of our website. You can find a link to the legal text in the footer of any of our pages for more information.